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Generic Raltegravir 400mg Zepdon Tablets

  • Manufacturer CIPLA
  • Product Code: Zepdon 400mg Tablets

Brand Name: Zepdon 400mg
International Brand Name: Isentress 400mg

Active Ingredient: Raltegravir 400mg
Manufactured by: Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. (MSD)
Marketed in Indian by: Cipla Limited (India)

Form: Tablets
Packaging: Pack of 60 tablets
Country of origin: The Netherlands

Tags: HIV AIDS medicine, Raltegravir 400mg price, Zepdon 400mg, Isentress 400mg

What is Zepdon 400 mg Tablet ?

Zepdon 400 mg is fabricated by a standout amongst the most acclaimed pharmaceutical organizations known as MSD Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Cipla Limited in India. Zepdon contains Raltegravir as a dynamic substance. It is a solution HIV pharmaceutical and can be bought by a patient just against a legitimate medicine of human services proficient.

Cipla Zepdon 400 mg Tablets Uses:

Zepdon (Raltegravir) is an antiretroviral prescription. It is utilized alongside different drugs to treat human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) - the infection that can cause the (AIDS).


Zepdon (Raltegravir) 400 mg Tablets Work:

Raltegravir has a place with a class (gathering) of HIV drugs called integrase inhibitors. Integrase inhibitors obstruct a HIV protein called integrase. By blocking integrase, integrase inhibitors keep HIV from increasing and can decrease the measure of HIV in the body.


Zepdon 400 mg Side - Effects:

Zepdon may cause some symptoms. Most symptoms from this HIV medication are normal, yet a couple can be not kidding. Symptoms may fluctuate for every individual relying upon the individual's ailment state, age, weight, sexual orientation, ethnicity and general wellbeing. The accompanying is a rundown of conceivable reactions that may happen :

Regular Side Effects : Headache ; Tiredness/Fatigue ; Cough ; Fever ; Rash ; Muscle torment ; Diarrhea ; Stomach torment ; Constipation ; Dizziness ; Trouble resting ; Itching ; Depression and so forth.

Genuine Side Effects : Decreased Blood Platelets ; Severe chest torment ; Loss of hunger ; Dark pee ; Difficulty breathing ; Swelling of the face and throat; Abdominal issues and so forth.

These are not all the conceivable reactions of Zepdon Raltegravir 400mg. Educate your human services supplier regarding any symptom that pesters you or does not leave.


(MK0518) Cipla Raltegravir 400 mg - Storage Details:

Patients should appropriately store the medication to hold its quality and viability. Following stockpiling directions will be useful in putting away the medication in the best of way.

  • Store Raltegravir at 250C (770F); trips are allowed in the vicinity of 150C and 200C (590F and 860F).
  • Make beyond any doubt to dependably keep your medication in a region of your home that is out of the span of youngsters and pets.
  • Consider putting away your pharmaceuticals independently from your other relatives. This will make it more outlandish that you take the wrong ones by botch.
  • Keep Zepdon film-covered tablets in the compartment that they came in and keep the holder firmly shut.
  • Do not utilize it if the first seal over the compartment opening is broken or missing.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place. Try not to store it or some other prescription in the lavatory or almost a sink. Try not to abandon it in the auto or on window ledges. Warmth and soddenness can wreck a few pharmaceuticals.

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Generic Raltegravir 400mg Zepdon Tablets


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